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Our Story

Rich heritage that built the flavours of Malaysia.

Bagus-Lah! Heritage Fusion Cafe

The Bagus-Lah!® concept is a product of the vision of its collective of founders who believe that the rich heritage that built the flavours of Malaysia is something worth celebrating. With a firm belief that heritage food and flavours can be presented using modern technology, Research and Development done using state-of-the-art technology was necessary in order to develop a progressive operational flow to create the ideal Bagus-Lah!® plate for every patron, every time.

With that unique competitive edge, Bagus-Lah!® brings you our interpretation of what Heritage Flavours mean to us.

*Damaipuri Sdn. Bhd. owns the exclusive rights to develop and operate Bagus-Lah!® Café.​

A place for people to gather, share stories, and engage with one another

The Bagus-Lah!® brand was primarily developed around the founders’ want for a place for people to gather, share stories, and engage with one another, all whilst enjoying a plate of wholesome, flavourful food that evokes nostalgia of the mixed Heritage that built Malaysia.

A curated mix of the Flavours of Malaysia

Bagus-Lah!® developed a menu that fully presents its Founders’ interpretation of Flavours of Malaysia, food from their memoires. Fully aligned with the “Heritage Fusion” approach of the brand, bringing you a curated mix of the Flavours of Malaysia, the Bagus-Lah!® way.

Bagus-Lah!® is all about how typically flavourful, labour intensive various Malaysian cuisine can be made affordable. It stays true to the customary cooking traditions of Malaysian cuisine, with the vibrant robust mix of flavours on the plates such as Rendang, Achar Mentah and Bunga Kantan!

The Bagus-Lah! Family

It is within the DNA of Bagus-Lah! to not just provide a learning platform, but also a conducive work environment where vulnerable individuals might have an opportunity to discover themselves and what they are capable of accomplishing.

The local enterprise that
supports social enterprise

Bagus-Lah! had identified and reached out to various Social Enterprises who in their own ways have established their respective areas of influence and expertise to empower every individual they hope to aid. 

From Masks and Decor from The Asli Co., Handmake cakes and Kuihs from the inspiring Ibu-Ibus of Ibupreneur, to hiring with Pinkcollar. This is truly a partnership motivated by passion.

Bagus-Lah Heritage Fusion Cafe is a local enterprise that believes in the empowerment of the local community and the provisions of skills so that individuals might develop and grow into their own.

Want to eat with the Kampong Spirit the Bagus-Lah!® Way?